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DCRP/21/02/PC - G100 Issue 2


DCRP/21/02/PC - G100 Issue 2 - Technical Requirements for Customers Export and Import Limitation Schemes

Target Audience

All current and prospective manufacturers, developers, installers, owners and operators of generation (and storage) and controllable demand of any size connecting to distribution networks and where agreed control of the maximum import or export is to be implemented.

Date Published

11th June 2021

Deadline for Responses

17:00 on 9th July 2021


Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G100 “Technical Requirements for Customer Export Limiting Schemes” was published in July 2016 in response to the growth in generation, and latterly storage, and the need to manage its effects appropriately on the upstream distribution network, without the significant expense of network reinforcements.

In the last couple of years a number of shortcomings have been brought to the DNOs’ attention, mainly through stakeholder feedback at the Distributed Energy Resources Technical Forum. It is proposed to revise EREC G100 to address these issues, and to gather stakeholders views on its formal inclusion into in the Distribution Code governance.

Next Steps

Responses to this consultation should were sent to the Distribution Code Review Panel Secretary at by 17:00 on 9th July 2021.

The consultation will be reviewed by ENA EREC G100 Working Group, then the associated DCode documents will be reviewed by the DCRP.

If approved by the DCRP, it will then be sent to the authority (Ofgem).

If approved by Ofgem it will be published as part of GB Distribution Code.

Consultation Pack (packs in Zip format)

DCRP/21/02/PC Consultation Pack



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