2015 Modifications

DCRP/MP - Modification to Engineering Recomendation G12/4

Modification to ER G12/4-1 – Requirements for the Application of Protective Multiple Earthing to Low Voltage Networks have been approved by the Authority. The modification to ER G12/4 clarifys the use of earth electrodes at street lighting pillars. A revised ER G12/4 Amendment 1 was published 16 December 2012 and is applicable from 1 January 2016.

DCRP ER G12/4 Modification – Report to Authority – October 2015

ER G12/4-1 – Authority Decision Letter – December 2015

DCRP/MP- Modification to ER G59/3-1

This modification resulted in the revocation of Section 12.4 (f) where It is no longer a requirement to undertake an additional functional check of the LoM protection by removing one phase of the supply to the Generating Unit. A revision to section 12.3.1 (g) was undertaken to include the provision of two options to carry out a functional test confirming that the Interface Protection has operated. The modification also included minor updates to the Testing of RoCoF elements in Appendix 13.3. A discrepancy was also corrected between the wording contained in Section 12.4 and the testing requirements contained in Appendix 13.3 on how to undertake the test. Some minor typos were also corrected. ER G59/3-2 (2015) was published September 2015.

DCRP G59/3-1 Modification – Report to Authority – June 2015

G59/3-1 – Authority Decision Letter – August 2015

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