DCRP Storage Working Group

DCRP Storage Working Group

The Storage Working Group was set up to consider a modification proposal that seeks to modify the Distribution Code (the Code) to define the appropriate technical requirements for Storage technologies connecting to the Distribution system and associated changes to the Distribution Code requirements for making a connection. The Workgroup is responsible for assisting the Distribution Code Review Panel (the Panel) in the evaluation of the Code Modification Proposal DCRP/MP/17/05, submitted by the Distribution Code Administrator at the DCRP meeting on 8 June 2017.

The Distribution Code Review Panel agreed in June of 2020 to establish the DCRP/MP/20/06 Workgroup to review the Distribution Code requirements relating to electricity storage. The work will consider how storage might develop technically and commercially, and look to ensure that there are no inappropriate pre-existing or future technical impediments to such development in the Distribution Code or its associated documents.

Affiliated Documents

DCRP/MP/20/06 - Terms of Reference

DRCP/20/06/PC Consultation Pack