The GB Distribution Code Review Panel

Panel Membership

List of Distribution Code Review Panel Members:

January 2022

Panel Meetings

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Panel’s Constitution and Rules

Constitution and Rules of the Distribution Code Review Panel of Great Britain: April 2019

Panel Vacancies

Updated 01/04/2019

Members of the Distribution Code Review Panel (and alternates) are appointed to represent BM Generators, Non BM Generators, Users, Suppliers, DNOs, IDNOs, OTSO, Ofgem and Citizens Advice. For further details please refer to paragraph (c) of clause 5.1 of the Panel's Constitution and Rules.

There are currently Panel membership vacancies for the following positions:

1 x BM Generator representative
This person will represent onshore Generators with Embedded Generating Plant who are BM Participants and are active (ie submitting bid-offer data) in the Balancing Mechanism.

2 x User representatives
This person other than a Supplier, will represent Users without Generating Plant

If you are interested in any of the above membership vacancies please contact Vincent Hay at

For further details relating to the roles and responsibilities of Panel members please refer to the Panel's Constitution and Rules in the link above.