DCRP EREC P28 Working Group

ER P28 – Planning Limits for Voltage Fluctuations Caused by Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Equipment in the United Kingdom

A DCRP working group has been established to undertake work to revise ER P28. Following a request (found here) issued 10 September 2014 for interested stakeholders to join the working group the working group has been finalised. The working group is made up of sitting members and corresponding members.

The first meeting of the working group took place on the 9 December 2014. Phase 1 Planning Phase was completed in February 2015.

Phase 2 Review Phase was completed on schedule. A report from the P28 Working Group was completed and issued to the Grid and Distribution Code Review Panels in February 2016 with recommended changes to P28 (see Reports below).

Phase 2 Review Report for ER P28, Issue 1 2016

The Phase 3 Revision Phase commenced in September 2015 as planned. A final complete draft (Draft version 1) was issued to the P28 WG for comments on the 23 December 2016. Further details are contained in paper DCRP_15_02_09. A amended final draft (version 2) of P28 Issue 2 was issued to the P28 Working Group on 13 April 2017 for acceptance. The P28 Working Group convened on the 17 May 2017 agreed a list of amendments. Following subsequent comments an amended final draft (version 3) was approved by the P28 WG and sent to the ENA Energy Networks Futures Group (ENFG) on the 1 August 2017.

Following comments from the ENFG in September and October 2017 an amended final draft (version 3.4) of EREC P28 Issue 2 was accepted by the ENFG in November 2017.

The Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP) has sanctioned the latest draft version of EREC P28 to proceed to public consultation. Public consultation will open on 5 January 2018 for four weeks. Final publication of P28 Issue 2 is expected in Q1 2018.

Working Group Membership

Working Group Terms of Reference

Report to Authority

The initial DCRP/MP/18/01 Report to Authority - EREC P28 was submitted to the Authority on 24 December 2018.

Report to Authority

Report to Authority Annexes

The Authority rejected the initial submission of DCRP/MP/18/01 Report to Authority - EREC P28

Authority Decision Letter

The initial DCRP/MP/18/01 Report to Authority - EREC P28 was resubmitted to the Authority on 26 February 2019.

Report to Authority

Report to Authority Annexes

The Authority has approved the re-submission of DCRP/MP/18/01 Report to Authority - EREC P28 on 9 May 2019 for Implementation on 23 May 2019

Authority Decision Letter

Public Consultation


DCRP/18/01/PC - Revision to Engineering Recommendation P28 - Voltage fluctuations and the connection of disturbing equipment to transmission systems and distribution networks in the United Kingdom

Target Audience

The requirements in EREC P28 are intended for persons who:

  • propose to connect disturbing equipment to the public electricity supply system that have the potential for causing voltage fluctuations
  • propose to alter disturbing equipment/installations connected to the public electricity supply system that would result in material changes in voltage fluctuations
  • carry out assessments of disturbing equipment and resultant voltage fluctuations
  • measure voltage fluctuations caused by disturbing equipment for the purpose of checking conformance with requirements and limits in EREC P28.

Date Published8 January 2018
Deadline for Responses31 January 2018

This Distribution Code public consultation is seeking the views from industry stakeholders on the proposed modification to Engineering Recommendation P28, subsequently referred to as EREC P28 Issue 2.

This modification has been prepared under the authority of the Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP) of Great Britain – EREC P28 being a Qualifying Standard and Licence Standard under the Distribution Code[1]. However, given Engineering Recommendation P28 is also referenced within the Grid Code and there is potential for consequent modification of the Grid Code, the views from Grid Code stakeholders are also being sought.

The DCRP establish and maintain governance arrangements for Qualifying Standards that have a material effect on Users of the Distribution System. Annex 1 documents, such as EREC P28, are approved by the Authority (Ofgem) before publication.

The proposed EREC P28 Issue 2 constitutes a full technical revision of Issue 1 published in 1989 and has been extended, amongst other things, to cover assessment and limits for rapid voltage changes (RVCs).

The review and subsequent revision of EREC P28 has been overseen by a joint Working Group of various key stakeholders with co-ordination provided by the Energy Networks Association (ENA).

[1] http://www.dcode.org.uk/the-gb-distribution-code/

Next Steps

Responses to this consultation should be sent to the Distribution Code Review Panel Secretary at dcode@energynetworks.org by 17:00 Wednesday 31 January 2018 on the pro-formas provided expressly for the purpose. Responses after this date may not be considered.

Consultation Pack (packs in Zip format)DCRP/18/01/PC Consultation Pack

ContactIf you have any questions or would like to discuss this consultation further, please contact David Spillett on 020 7706 5124 or email dcode@energynetworks.org
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